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In short, the type of coaching I offer is mostly about discovering where you are in terms of Self Care. Generally clients will begin by seeing me for Massage Therapy and then together we find that they may need something more. A guide or a cheerleader a kick ass-ing as I like to call it, or a hug. I am far from perfect and I believe that is what sets me apart. I've lived through and beyond some tough stuff.  My biggest take away from the Coaching Program at Columbia Coaching Institute was how to structure a program. The rest of my coaching abilities comes from real-life experience. Rest assured though, if I don't have experience with whatever it is that you need, I have an arrsonal of resourses I will connect you with. I am aware what is in and out of my scope of practise and don't pretend to have all the answers but I promise you this, together we will find them! I'd be honored to work with you!


Let me never forget that I am here to serve, to hold space as a modern healer and flawed human being, The work we will do together, provides a guideline and structure for creating a reality around everything you can imagine for your life!

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